While We’re Young


This is a very inspiring movie.

When you’re a kid, you think about to grow fast, to be a grown man so that you can have freedom, to do the things that only ‘adult can do’, I mean like non-stop eating ice-cream, watch TV channel that you want etc.

When you’re an adult, you think about how simple the life was when you were a child, money is not an issue, you don’t have to work day and night just want to buy a house or car. You will not get insomnia just because you have to do presentation in front of your boss in the next day.

When you’re old man, you think about the dream that you’ve lost long ago; those things that you never done, those regrets that you made.

Human always envy and jealous, the thing that they missed, the thing that is gone or the thing that belongs to somebody else. Under this kind of feeling, people always lost themselves from imitate people’s life. Most of the time we thought that we’re running towards to a better life but actually we’re just running away from the problem, the imperfection of yourself and the cowardice. Do you envy or admire somebody’s life now? Why don’t you take some good time and think about who you really are and want you really want. Because I believe that everyone is unique, and ‘consistency’ is the key to find out the truth.

我觉得这是一部非常发人深省的电影 。

当你年幼时,最大的愿望就是长大,想成为“大人”。 向往“大人”拥有的无限自由,还有好多只有“大人”被允许做的事情。比如说,可以不被限制地吃雪糕,看自己想要看的电视频道等。